About this site

Why the name?

Senatus consultum ultimum or ‚SCU‘ was the last act of the Senate in times of emergency for the Roman republic. It bestowed all powers on two consuls who were reminded of their responsibility with the words „videant consules, ne quid res publica detrimenti capiat“ - „May the consuls take care that the republic shall not suffer any loss“

In a way, this is what I - and all people in asset management - do. This website is supposed to be a hub for thoughts and ideas. It may be a bit fragmented but I have tried to systematically arrange my thoughts and like in art, the picture is painted by brushing onto the canvas. Some artists have a clear image in their minds beforehand, others let it develop. Anyway, thoughts (should) develop naturally to yield a whole. Asset management is done by organisations. Some of the aspects mentioned on this site apply to all corporates and sound flatly uninspired but universal truths are often bland, seemingly obvious and by the same token deceivingly unconnected. This website endeavors to cover:

Aspects of Asset Management

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Organisational Management/Behaviour

It is useful to break these elements down, translate, apportion and apply. Much of what I talk about here is universally applicable.

Here is the general value proposition: it is about embarking on a journey on the expertise trajectory harnessing knowledge, experience and most importantly the organisational tool to meaningfully employ the former two factors. That is how to build and run a successful (asset management) organisation. This sounds like a lot of hollow fanfare but sometimes, fanfare has a purpose underneath in which case it's not hollow but actually expansionary. This website strives to illustrate this by connecting Business, Legal, Compliance, OB and organizational aspects in terms of a working concept.

For the management of larger portfolios, the booking tickets of assets in SUMMIT and other trading and accounting systems are true for securities but cannot reflect idiosyncrasies of some derivatives, loans or ECA (Export Credit Agency) assets. There remains an inherent risk of missing important characteristics impacting on their value, at least in a broader sense. On the other hand, if this ‚fuzziness‘ is known, it is better than any deceiving certainty.