About the Author

I am a German national but have been living in London since 2003. A lawyer by profession, I have gathered exposure to CDS trading, synthetic and structured assets, portfolio management across asset classes and jurisdictions as well as to Compliance.

A certain affinity to ‚emerging‘ markets has been nurtured by some time spent in China and later on the EM trading desk. ‚Mature‘ market experience includes public sector and infrastructure assets in Italy and the U.S. as well as commercial real estate in the United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy, France and Germany, partly with the usual offshore twist.

I used to work for a large hedge fund dressed up as a bank and and am now part of the sorting-out effort of a large legacy portfolio of public sector and commercial real estate assets. Experience across the often big divide of Front Office, Operations, Legal and Compliance helps me to add value to asset management and the portfolio wind-down effort.

I am also responsible for Compliance in the organisation’s most relevant trading hub where the most complex assets are managed and although based in London also had an interim role as Global Head of Compliance.

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